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As You Like It


Shakespeare’s pastoral comedy of family disputes, and the trials and tribulations of romantic love as lords, ladies, and peasants argue, reconcile and reunite thanks to the wit and wisdom of sweet Rosalind. 20 to 30 cast members. Preview script.

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By William Shakespeare
Adapted by Carmella Gates

Setting: France: A Dukedom and the Forest of Arden

Cast of Characters:

Affiliated with de Bois family:
Sir Oliver—Heir to de Bois estate who is cruel to Orlando
Orlando de Bois—Youngest brother of Sir Oliver
Adam—Orlando’s loyal servant
Dennis—Oliver’s servant
Jacques de Bois—the middle brother
Affiliated with Duke Frederick:
Duke Frederick—Usurper of dukedom from his brother Duke Senior
Celia—Daughter of Duke Frederick, and Rosalind’s cousin and closest friend
Touchstone—Jester in Duke Frederick’s court
Charles—Wrestler who fights with Orlando
Hisperia—Celia’s maid
Monsieur Le Beau—sort of a gossip
Frederick’s Lords:
First Lord
Second Lord

Affiliated with Duke Senior:
Duke Senior—Rightful Duke who was exiled to the Forest of Arden by Frederick
Rosalind—The exiled Duke’s daughter who falls in love with Orlando
Faithful Lords who follow Duke Senior into exile in the Forest of Arden:
Lord Jacques—a melancholy, pessimistic fellow
Lord Amiens—jolly man who loves to sing
Lord Gustave
Lord Pierre

Residents of the Forest of Arden:
Corin—Shepherd who helps Rosalind and Celia find a cottage
Silvius—Young shepherd in love with Phoebe
Pheobe—Young shepherdess
Audrey—Goatherd who loves Touchstone










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