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The Mystery of Edwin Drood


Charles Dickens last, but unfinished novel of young Edwin Drood who disappears on Christmas Eve, after breaking his engagement, and supposedly resolving a dispute. Dickens gives lots of clues, but he died before telling us of Edwin’s fate. Therefore, the play is written so the audience must decide the ending: who is the killer and what was Edwin’s fate. Then the cast improvises to finish the play. Preview script.

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By Charles Dickens
Adapted by Carmella Gates

Setting: Cloisterham, England in the 1870’s

Cast of Characters:

Edwin Drood—Orphan betrothed to Rosa Bud per their fathers’ arrangement
Rosa Bud—Orphan engaged to Edwin, called Rosebud
John Jasper—Choir director at Cloisterham Cathedral, Edwin’s uncle and guardian
Neville Landless—Orphan from Ceylon who is smitten with Rosa
Helena Landless—Neville’s twin sister who is a close friend of Rosa’s
Rev. Crisparkle—Canon of Cloisterham Cathedral and Neville’s mentor
Mrs. Crisparkle—Reverend Crisparkle’s mother
Mr. Grewgious—Lawyer and Rosa’s guardian
Mr. Bazzard—Mr. Grewgious’s strange clerk
Durdles—Caretaker of the Cathedral cemetery
Deputy and Waddles–Boys who throw rocks at Durdles
Mayor Sapsea—Mayor of Cloisterham
Miss Twinkleton—Mistress of the Seminary for Young Ladies
Mrs. Tisher—Miss Twinkleton’s assistant
Princess Puffer—Owner of opium den
Chang Wu–Princess Puffer’s assistant
Dick Datchery—Detective
Mr. Tope—Servant
Mrs. Tope—Servant
Jeweler/opium user
Two Policemen/opium users
Eight seminary girls/choir
Four Town gossips










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