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The Picture of Dorian Gray


Oscar Wilde’s strange story of a handsome, kind young man who decides instead to live a life of excessiveness and debauchery while his increasing age, and his evil ways are recorded on his portrait, instead of his person. Preview script.

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By Oscar Wilde
Adapted by Carmella Gates

Setting: London, late 19th Century

Cast of Characters:

Dorian Gray—Handsome, wealthy young man who chooses to live a life of indulgence and excess
Basil Hallward—Kind, sincere artist who paints Dorian’s portrait and truly cares about him
Lord Henry Wotton—Nobleman who encourages Dorian to seek pleasure without
regard for morality. Very influential in Dorian’s life
Sybil Vane—Beautiful actress whom Dorian loves
James Vane—Sybil’s brother who seeks Dorian to avenge his sister’s death
Mrs. Vane—Sybil’s mother
Alan Campbell—Once a close friend of Dorian’s who has ended the friendship because of Dorian’s scandalous acts
Victor—Dorian’s butler and servant
Mrs. Leaf—Dorian’s housekeeper
Ensemble—people in theater tavern, party guests, Hallward’s butler, jeweler, etc.










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