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The Odyssey


Odyssey, the great hero of the Trojan War, has not returned to his home in Ithaca, months after the war has ended. It seems that he forgot to thank Poseidon, god of the sea, and now Poseidon is putting all kinds of obstacles in his way. He has to deal with a Cyclops, beautiful sirens, a 3 headed monster, overly emotional demigod enchantresses, holy cows, storms, a whirlpool-he even makes a trip to Hades! Athena and Hermes are a big help, but will he ever get home to Ithaca where his beloved family is dealing with more and more aggressive suitors. Preview script.

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Cast of Characters:

Odysseus—the hero
Penelope—his wife
Telemachus—their son
Eurycleia—the loyal servant

Crew of 10 Soldiers
Antinous—the most arrogant suitor
Eurymachus—the most manipulative suitor
Amphinomus—the only kind suitor
10 Suitors (dead soldiers double as extra suitors)

Poseidon—god of the sea
Athena—patron goddess of Athens
Zeus—god of thunder and king of the gods
Hera—Zeus’ wife and goddess of marriage
Hermes—the messenger god
Hades—god of the underworld
Persephone—Hades’ wife and goddess of renewal

Demi-gods, Ghosts, Monsters
Polyphemus—the Cyclops
Circe—the witch-goddess
3 Sirens—singing temptresses
Tiresias—the deceased blind seer
Achilles—a deceased hero
Agamemnon—the deceased King of Mycenae
Scylla—a three-headed sea monster
Calypso—nymph of Ogygia










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